Scalable privacy for every blockchain.

Enigma is a privacy protocol that enables truly decentralized applications and unlocks the value of blockchains.

Blockchains need help.

Blockchains are a revolutionary technology, but they are being held back by fundamental limitations. To truly change the world, blockchains require second-layer networks like Enigma that solve these challenges.

Blockchains face two major issues


Data on the blockchain is accessible by anyone, making storing sensitive data impossible. This restricts the number of applications for blockchains.


Computing on the blockchain is too slow and expensive. Storing and computing over very large amounts of data on the blockchain is not feasible.


Enigma solves both

The promise of Enigma lies in its unique technology that protects privacy of data while still allowing for computation over that data.

Based on an MIT thesis, the Enigma protocol is a second-layer network that can work with any blockchain. Nodes in the Enigma network do not see the data they compute over, yet they can publicly prove that they have run a computation correctly. This opens the door for a new type of smart contracts – “secret contracts,” where the underlying data processed in the contract remains encrypted at all times.

What can we build?

The Enigma protocol will power an ecosystem of truly decentralized, world-changing applications.

Protocol layer

The Enigma privacy protocol allows for decentralized computation of sensitive data.

Platform layer

On this protocol, dozens of platforms such as data marketplaces and AI exchanges can be built.

Application layer

This enables thousands of truly decentralized apps that require private computation and secure data.


Enigma can change the world

Enigma’s privacy protocol unlocks billions of dollars in value for individuals and industry. Here are just a few examples of fields our protocol can completely reshape.

Personal data

Users can collectively and independently monetize their data while still keeping it private from companies who wish to perform analysis, restoring power to individuals.

Healthcare and Genomics

Healthcare companies can provide data to researchers without compromising its privacy, allowing for more discoveries and innovation.


Borrowers can establish their trustworthiness in a decentralized banking system without exposing their data directly to lenders, unlocking growth for lending ecosystems.


Value is created through decentralized data marketplaces for the rapidly growing Internet of Things. These marketplaces will require privacy for off-chain computations to be successful at scale.


Our first application:

Catalyst is the first application to be built on the Enigma protocol, already active with tens of thousands of users. Catalyst is a revolutionary platform for data-driven cryptoasset investing and research, built for professional crypto traders.

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