How to use this Documentation

This documentation is designed to help developers set up the Enigma Protocol testnet, learn how to write their first secret contracts as well as how to deploy a responsive user interface. This is followed up by a few sections which define our current software architecture and the different components of the Enigma system.

This is a living document, and we encourage discussion and debate on our developer forum in order to make quality modifications and additions in future revisions.

Getting Hands-on with the Code

The getting started section will walk you through the system requirements and dependencies of the Enigma Docker Network, as well as comprehensive step-by-step instructions which outline how to configure your working folder and initiate your first secret contract deployment. After completing this page, you will be ready to start playing with the code.

The writing a secret contract page includes full break-downs on simple code examples for various problems that the Enigma protocol can solve for. These are intended to give dApp developers a real-world understanding of the underlying logic and potential of the network in their development process.

Lastly in the hands-on portion, the creating a React front-end section will explain how to rapidly deploy a responsive graphical user interface for the prior examples (or whatever else you will build!).

Understanding the Enigma Protocol

High-level information

  • The network topology section displays the different components of the Enigma Docker Network release.
  • The system design page provides a high-level overview of the protocol itself.

Low-level information

Both the software architecture and subsystem architecture sections describe in detail the current implementations of these components.

Learning about Enigma’s Encryption

Enigma Use-Cases

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our Solutions Series, our Secret Contracts post from Guy, or reach out to us to talk through your idea!