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Enigma secures
the decentralized web.

Want to build a better internet? Solve for privacy.

Enigma is a decentralized, open-source protocol that lets anyone perform computations on encrypted data, bringing privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains. Our mission: improve the adoption and usability of decentralized technologies, for the benefit of all.

What is Enigma?  2:00
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    Data Privacy

    Blockchains are bad at privacy by design. This greatly limits the kinds of applications that can be built in every field, from finance to gaming to healthcare.

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    Decentralized applications are difficult to use, and without privacy, many new problems are created for users trying to interact with these applications.

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    Intensive and repetitive computations on blockchains are far too slow and expensive to be viable.

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    Data Ownership

    Current solutions for sharing data off-chain still lead to silos of data that belong to corporations, not people.

The web needs our help.

Our internet today is broken and over-centralized. A more decentralized internet, based on decentralized protocols, can create enormous value, opportunity, and freedom for millions of people. But to realize this dream, we must first solve many challenges.

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    Step 1

    A developer writes a secret contract and deploys it to the Enigma Network.

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    Step 2

    Users submit encrypted data to Enigma that can’t be read by anyone else — including the node doing the computation.

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    Step 3

    An Enigma node performs the computation, and returns the result (either directly to the user, or to any Ethereum smart contract).

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    Step 4

    The work is verified as correct, and payment is released to the Enigma node that performed the work.

Enigma builds solutions.

Enigma’s protocol helps solve all these challenges by moving computations to a decentralized off-chain network that keeps data encrypted and secure. This means more value, more opportunity, and more usability. Here’s how Enigma works.

Who are we?

The Enigma team and community are builders, researchers, explorers, and pioneers dedicated to growing global adoption of decentralized technologies. Join us.